Tax & Super Australia (TSA) says Service NSW’s new requirement for businesses to reaffirm their decline in turnover every fortnight to remain eligible for JobSaver payments and Micro-business grant assistant packages would further intensify pressure on businesses and their advisers.

On Friday afternoon (10 September), Service NSW confirmed that businesses already eligible for JobSaver and Micro-business grant assistant packages must start proving their decline in turnover every fortnight from 10 September.

Later that evening and following backlash from the accounting body industry, Services NSW agreed to allow businesses a grace period for the first fortnight (from 10 September).TSA technical specialist Neville Birthisel has been heavily involved in helping advisers to decipher grant information and has highlighted some of the difficulties businesses have had understanding and accessing the grants.  He said this new requirement would not rest well with advisers and businesses.

“It will put added pressure on those NSW businesses already struggling with an extended lockdown,” Mr Birthisel said. “Some may have the capacity to confirm their eligibility fortnightly, but others will turn to their advisers, who are still coping with monumental workloads brought about by COVID-19.”

On Friday, TSA contacted Service NSW to confirm the new requirement. However, at that time, Service NSW could not point to where the information about the grace period was on its website. Instead, Service NSW told TSA that it was encouraging businesses to log into their MyServiceNSW Business Profile to update their status and contact the Business Concierge if they have any issues.

“More than ever, it’s vital that businesses and advisers are clearly and immediately informed about any changes to grants or support and that this information is readily accessible.”

“There are some businesses whose viability depends on available grants. TSA strongly supports any way to streamline processes around application and eligibility for this support.”

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