Tax & Super Australia (TSA) has re-affirmed its commitment to continue to provide members with practical, best practice and well-rounded CPE options after the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) confirmed an increase in CPE requirements for tax agents and BAS agents.

TSA had raised concerns with the TPB over its initial proposals to increase CPE after feedback from TSA members revealed they believed existing CPE requirements – in addition to large amounts of day-to-day reading of tax legislation and rules – were generally sufficient.

TSA was also concerned that any increases during lockdowns and the pandemic would overwhelm some in the profession, which was already under intense pressure to help clients access stimulus measures and grants. Members also disputed the necessity of proposals for BAS agents to complete the same amount of hours as tax agents (120 hours over three years).

“There will be some members who will find this increased requirement daunting, especially after a very tough two years for those whose clients bore the brunt of the lockdowns” said TSA chief executive Pippa McKee.

“However, we know they will step up to meet this challenge and we’re ready to support them by continuing and enhancing our diverse range of CPE options.”

“It is pleasing to see that while requirements for BAS agents did increase, the TPB has taken on some feedback and increased this requirement to 90 hours rather than the 120 hours that was proposed at one point.”