We understand that being appointed as a Director to a Board can be very stressful.   Quite often capable and successful managers are promoted, but they are not equipped with the knowledge and skills to act as a fully functional board member.  Alternatively, you may be a seasoned Director, but need to update your knowledge on responsibility or compliance matters.

We are often appointed by the Board to coach Directors individually, operating with discretion and confidentiality.

Alternative, we can work with the Chair/Board to help identify and address challenges facing their business industry.

We assist Directors and Chairpersons to make the most effective contribution they can.

  • Director mentoring on duties and responsibilities
  • Training on how to interpret Financial statements; Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets
  • Training on how to use budgets and cash flows
  • Review corporate compliance and governance
  • Review issues for the Board; such as risk and strategy
  • Achieve board effectiveness

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