Use the links provided to find out more about investing, and find out more about the ATO’s investor’s tax planning tips.

Tax planning in general

Tax advice website for investors  The ATO’s tax planning website, designed to help investors and tax agents make informed investment decisions. Features a checklist of what to look for before putting money into a managed investment scheme or similar arrangement.


Tax-smart investing: What Australian property investors need to know Tips from the Tax Office to help you be a tax-smart property investor.

Rental properties 2018 A guide to treating rental income and expenses, deductions and much more.

Rental properties – 10 tips to avoid common mistakes Information to help you avoid common mistakes when claiming deductions and declaring income for your rental property.

Rental properties – claiming deductible expenses Information about what expenses you can claim when you own a rental property.

Rental properties – claiming travel expenses Information about what you can claim as legal expenses for your rental property.

Rental properties – claiming pre-paid expenses Information about what prepaid expenses you can claim on your rental property.

Rental properties – claiming immediate deductions Information about expenses for which you may be entitled to an immediate deduction in the income year you incur the expense for your rental property.

Rental properties – claiming capital works deductions Information about capital works expenses for your rental property and how to claim a deduction

Selling your rental property There are many considerations when selling a rental property, including capital gains or losses as well as depreciating assets and more. Readmore