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Every (yes, every) return to be ATO-scrutinised
Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat released a statement at the end of September that centred on the ATO’s ongoing effort to close Australia’s “tax gaps”. The ATO, Foat says, is determined to scrutinise every tax return in its search for incorrect claims made during tax time 2019.

The ATO is particularly focused on third party data that indicates under-reported income, as well as deduction claims that appear higher than like taxpayers.

In a related compliance activity uptick, the ATO has also announced upcoming visits to about 400 businesses in inner-north Brisbane during October (Teneriffe, New Farm, Newstead, Fortitude Valley). Assistant Commissioner Peter Holt announced that ATO officers will be targeting businesses in these areas after a number of tip-offs from the community.

Love and affection re-think with commercial debt forgiveness
TD 2019/D9 considers changing the exclusion from commercial debt forgiveness on grounds of “love and affection” so that this only applies to natural persons.  Previously this could apply to other entities (or rather, it was not specified). View the draft TD here. Feedback can be emailed to the ATO’s Matthew Maher by 1 November. Readmore